Who We Are

We’re a small team based in the Los Angeles area who are proud to create stunning handcrafted jewelry pieces that are made with real flowers and come at an affordable price. We’re nature enthusiast – we absolutely love the natural world.

Here at Jewelry Blossom, nothing is more important to us than bringing the beautiful natural world of flowers and fauna into the jewelry that we make by hand each and every day.

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Meet The Founder

Jewelry Blossom is founded by Jane Lee, a Chinese immigrant who is now based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Jane Lee is a landscape architect, who embarked on a journey that would beautifully blend her love for nature with her passion for design. Inspired by the vibrant tapestry of flora that adorns the California landscape, she envisioned a jewelry store like no other. Thus Jewlery Blossom was born.

As a landscape architect, Jane has always had a profound appreciation for the natural world. However, her journey into the world of jewelry design was deeply rooted in her childhood experiences. Growing up, she spent countless hours in her parents' jewelry workshop in China, watching with wide-eyed wonder as they meticulously crafted exquisite pieces of jewelry, blending precious metals with vibrant gemstones.

After years of pursuing her career in landscape architecture, Jane found herself in the stunning landscapes of Southern California, where the diverse array of flora and the warm, inviting climate ignited her creative spirit once more. Inspired by the memories of her parents' craftsmanship and the beauty of the Californian landscape, Jane decided to embark on a new adventure.

Every piece in Jewelry Blossom is a testament to Jane's love for both her parents' heritage and the breathtaking landscapes she now calls home. From necklaces adorned with real, preserved flowers to rings that shimmer like the California sunshine, each creation reflects her deep appreciation for the art of jewelry making and her enduring connection to her family's legacy.

Welcome to Jewelry Blossom, where every piece tells a story of love, heritage, and the beauty that blooms when East meets West.

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