Kibbe Romantic Body Type - 5 Floral Jewelry Pieces You Need

Kibbe Romantic Body Type - 5 Floral Jewelry Pieces You Need 

If you have a romantic body type, accentuating your soft features with floral jewelry is the perfect way to go. While all jewelry styles can be worn by anyone, there are certain pieces that look especially beautiful on true Kibbe romantics. And mainly, these pieces incorporate natural elements and floral designs. But, even if you're not classed as a Kibbe romantic, if you love all things cottage-core, you're going to fall in love with this collection!

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The Kibbe Romantic Body Type & Key Characteristics

If you consider yourself a romantic, chances are you have the Kibbe Romantic body type. People with this body shape tend to have soft, feminine features and a delicate build. They may be small in stature and have gentle curves. If this sounds like you, ideally, you should wear accessories that feature watercolors and soft lines, such as curves. To master the Kibbe romantic body type, you should add delicate floral jewelry to your wardrobe that draws attention to your small and feminine features without overpowering your natural beauty. So, let's take a look at our top 5 must-have floral jewelry pieces.

 1: Delicate Petal Earrings

Reconnect with nature and elegance with these delicate real petal earrings. Perfectly preserved using resin, this handcrafted design is made with three layers of hydrangea petals. A single crystal is suspended at the end of each earring to allow them to gracefully move, as it the petals are dancing in the wind. Made with 14K gold plated hook, they will help to elongate your neck and give any outfit a romantic touch.

2: Rosebud Beaded Bangle

There is something so unique about real flower jewelry, and when you see just how this rosebud beaded bangle can add a touch of femininity to any outfit, you'll understand why. The bracelet has been handmade using a single rosebud in vivid cardinal. The rosebud itself is symbolic of love, appreciation, and gratitude, making this bracelet the perfect gift for a loved one - or yourself!

3: Hydrangea Hairpin

If you love all things cottage-core, then hairpins are a must-have accessory. Cottage-core hairstyles are all about being natural and effortless, so adding floral hairpins is the perfect way to achieve this look. Keep hair neatly secure and away from your face with the unique combination of crystal gemstones and real flower jewelry. This hydrangea hairpin features a single blue hydrangea blossom, and since the clip is nickel-free, it won't cause any damage to your locks either.

4: Pearl and Hydrangea Beaded Bracelet

As we mentioned earlier, to dress the Kibbe romantic body type, watercolors are key. And that's why this beautiful aura quartz bracelet featuring real flowers and freshwater pearls should be part of your jewelry collection. Wear to mark a special occasion or to remind yourself that you're worth it; this bracelet is delicate, feminine, and unique - everything a Kibbe romantic should be.

5: Real Rosebud and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

And last but not least, we come to this stunning rosebud and freshwater pearl necklace. Pearls bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer, as well as symbolize purity and integrity. Roses, on the other hand, reflect passion, romance, and true love, which is why this particular real flower jewelry piece is ideal for bridal jewelry or as an anniversary gift.